2020 Volvo FH Truck Review, Specs, & Performance

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2020 Volvo FH Truck Review, Specs, & Performance – Claes Nilsson, Leader Volvo Trucks, see the Volvo FH as the spine of Volvo Trucks when it comes to appearance as nicely as making profits for the customers and offer you a state of the art office for the drivers. He recalls how the daring release in 1993 marked the start of a very successful time for Volvo Trucks.

Volvo FH 2020 Volvo FH Truck Review, Specs, & Performance

Volvo FH

2020 Volvo FH Truck Review

“We had been arriving towards the end of economic depression but determined to make a big push. This demonstrated real success. We launched the FH at the appropriate time and got the most desirable product or service when the economy and carry market changed upwards again,” claims Claes Nilsson. The first version was based on a new chassis whose dynamic design facilitated accommodating remedies for various transport programs. Everything got a very clear business focus, which includes the fuel-protecting aerodynamics, groundbreaking driveline, and the Volvo Engine Brake. It was, however, the new cab that truly signaled how the Volvo FH was anything special. Volvo Trucks at the beginning determined to placed the driver at center stage and over 1,500 drivers had taken part in comprehensive clinics. The end-outcome – a less dangerous and comfortable cab that made a totally new driving, resting and sleeping expertise. “Volvo Trucks has always been driving improvement. Introducing the FH was an even bigger step than well before, one that really displays the drive of our engineers to use new systems to put importance to our customers and their drivers,” affirms Claes Nilsson. For drivers, this dedication suggested no less than three cab facelifts between 1993 and 2008. In 2012 the all-new Volvo FH was launched, whereby a completely new cab and a built-in climate system I-park Cool developed premium comfort. And features like Volvo Dynamic Steering (2013) has led to easier, less dangerous, more steady and exact driving whilst lowering strain personal injuries.

Volvo FH Specs 2020 Volvo FH Truck Review, Specs, & Performance

Volvo FH Specs

From day time one, the Volvo FH is a forerunner in safety. Not the minimum inside of unaggressive safety, in which Volvo Trucks was the first truck brand to provide airbag (1995) and also introduced Front Underrun Safety System (FUPS) in 1996, 10 years just before it became a legal requirement. This progress proceeds to this day and the truck is also equipped with the latest active safety systems. Along with driver comfort, safety has become the directing star when building the cab. While in the development, the truck was put through to hundreds of simulated collision tests and close to a one hundred genuine crash assessments. Collision-soaking up beams and doors are made of dual-phase steel and the body paneling is created from the most potent available steel. In simple, all the information of the exterior and interior design work together to make the Volvo FH the most trusted truck to date from Volvo Trucks.

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The Volvo FH has brought performance and productiveness of heavy-duty trucks to a new level. Among the several inventions, the innovative gearbox I-Move (2001) is worthy of a special point out. It’s nowadays a benchmark in the business and has evolved to meet various demands and requires. The I-Transfer Dual Clutch is particularly advantageous for local and long haul transports on hilly and curvy paths. All equipment-changes are accurately timed without the need for damage of power or torque, which increases driver comfort and allows increased average speed. For construction and heavy transports, I-Move with crawler equipment is perfect. It makes it possible for the truck to start from a standstill with plenty of up to 325 lots and drive as gradual as .5 km per several hours, which make precision maneuvers in difficult terrain easier to perform. The I-Move is the best example of how an innovation that rewards drivers and operators, also lowers the truck’s footprint. Environment treatment is one of Volvo Trucks’ core values, and year by year the Volvo FH has reduced its emissions and fuel usage. A key leap came in 2017 with the launch of Volvo FH LNG. This gas-powered truck provides the exact same performance as other Volvo FH trucks, it might be run on possibly biogas, which slices CO2 by up to 100 percent, or natural gas which reduces CO2 emissions by 20 percent compared with diesel. This relates to emissions from the vehicle during utilization, acknowledged as tank-to-wheel. “We have now got a truly amazing journey with the FH, and there are numerous fascinating media approaching up. Given the new systems, we are really enthusiastic to go on our productive journey together with our consumers and their drivers,” claims Claes Nilsson.

Volvo FH Review 2020 Volvo FH Truck Review, Specs, & Performance

Volvo FH Review

The Volvo FH is the only model to be named truck of the year three times – 1994, 2000 and 2014 – and virtually one million products of the model has been sold. When launched in 1993, Volvo Trucks declared that the future is on this page. A quarter of a century afterward the company is adamant that the Volvo FH is nevertheless the truck of the future. “There are numerous alternatives to make amazing changes. We will check out all of them to make sure that the Volvo FH stays the drivers’ first decision and maintains delivering income for our clients. Without unveiling a lot of, it’s safe to point out that the emerging years will likely be a lot more exciting than the first twenty-five,” Claes Nilsson finishes.

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